Sources of Motivation

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Think about a time when you were called upon to motivate yourself or others.  What was the source of your desire to motivate? What inspired you to take action?

I think about what motivated me to start Launching Lives. I wanted to provide the skill development and emotional support that executives and others in management need and deserve. I wanted managers to know that they don’t have to navigate this complex, demanding path alone.

There are three reasons why we typically become “unmotivated.” They are: a lack of confidence, a lack of focus, and a lack of direction. No matter the reason, being unmotivated is both self-depreciating and demoralizing.

Before we can motivate others, we must be able to motivate ourselves. We must establish what’s important to us and be aware of our own needs. Then we can set goals and practice positive reinforcement to help fuel our motivation.

Every person is inspired and motivated by different things.  Whatever the source, inspiration may be the most rousing form of motivation. Whether it comes from a role model, an act of goodwill or even a work of art, inspiration motivates us to improve ourselves and encourages us to achieve bigger and better results.

So how do we motivate others?  It’s important to understand the true needs of the person or group we’re trying to motivate. For example, an employee who goes above and beyond may value a bonus. Another employee, who has a family or other outside commitments, may value work flexibility or telecommuting options.

What’s your own personal source of motivation? How do you motivate others?


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